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Castigion Del Bosco

Hole-by-hole description by Tom Weiskopf

The Outward 9

Hole 1

This is one of my favorite par 4's anywhere. It is a very dramatic hole because of the location of the green, which is nestled next to, and slightly behind, a beautiful stand of trees. A bunker located on the left side of the fairway must be avoided at all times.This is one of the more natural settings for a golf hole on this property. I really just put it where Mother Nature intended! This is a truly good starting hole.

Hole 2

My favorite par 5 on the course. Meandering down and alongside of this hole is a ravine, a creek and a huge stand of trees. Bunkers on the left side of the landing area off the tee, and bunkers right and left short of the green, protect the approaches. A perfect par 5 that can be reached in two by longer hitters.

Hole 3

This is a very long straight-away par 4. It parallels the same wooded stream bed as Hole 11; however, on this hole the stream is along the entire left hand side of the fairway. A bunker protects the left side of this green, so it is important to drive the ball in the fairway.

Hole 4

A medium length par 3 surrounded by bunkers in front of and to the right of the green. Although this hole looks fairly easy, I am sure it will be very challenging to most golfers.

Hole 5

A short straight-away par 4 with a bunker on the left side of the fairway. A stream bed meanders down the entire right side of this hole, and a pot bunker is located directly in front of the lateral green presentation. A challenging hole with a lot of character.

Hole 6

A somewhat short uphill par 5 that plays along the streambed to its right. The green is small and protected by a deep,singular bunker on the right front. It can be reached with two good shots, but they have to be accurate.

Hole 7

A straightaway par 4; however, the second shot goes uphill more than 10 meters to a semi-blind green that is bunkered in front, right and left. Though in fact they are well short, these two bunkers appear to lie right on the green itself. This is a tricky little hole with a demanding second shot.

Hole 8

This is a slightly downhill par 3, the shortest on the course, but maybe also the most dramatic. It has a very small green which is protected entirely by sand bunkers. It is one of my favorite holes and probably the most picturesque on the course.

Hole 9

A medium-length par 4. The tee shot plays slightly uphill, leaving another uphill second shot to a green that is protected by a deep bunker on the front left.

The Inward 9

Hole 10

Standing on the tenth tee you get a great feel and sense for this dramatic swathe of land. The tenth hole is a medium-length par 4 with a lot of character that plays downhill and has a vertical drop of approximately 50 meters. The green is protected by a large bunker on the right side.

Hole 11

With a slight dogleg to the right, this is a medium–length par 4. The hole meanders along a beautiful stream and wooded ravine. The green is very receptive, but is also guarded on the right by two long large bunkers that serve to stop the errant shot from finding the water.

Hole 12

This is a straightforward par 4, slightly uphill from tee to green. Two bunkers guard the tee shot landing area on the left and right. The hole runs along the top of a ridge and gives the players, yet again, another panoramic view of the Castiglion del Bosco property.

Hole 13

A very long, visually stunning and dramatic, yet severe downhill par 5. A big bunker guards the right side of this fairway, a cross bunker encroaches at 350 yards and two bunkers, right and left, protect the approach to the green. At 685 yards, this signature hole is one of the longest in Europe.

Hole 14

A medium-length par 3. The undulating green sits on a ledge and is protected by one bunker short right and another which guards its left side.

Hole 15

A very short, potentially reachable par 4 and one of my "drivables" that I try to include with most of my courses. There are bunkers on the right side of the fairway, two bunkers along the right side of the green and a ravine entirely down the left side of this hole, all of which give this hole its personality and challenge.

Hole 16

This is a long picturesque par 3 with a hill on the right and the green guarded by a ravine, trees and two bunkers on the left. Accuracy is a key on this hole.

Hole 17

This is a short par 5, but is played almost entirely uphill. There is a large bunker on the left side of the fairway that impacts the drive and another very large bunker that protects the left side of a very small green.

Hole 18

A slightly uphill dogleg-to-the-right par 4 that plays along the cypress-lined entry road. Off the tee, the great view of these majestic trees will almost always distract your attention, while bunkers protect the right side of the landing area and the green. This long par 4 sits on top of a ridge that overlooks both the back and front nine. This beautiful golf hole with its superb views is an unforgettable sight to behold. This is truly a wonderful finishing hole.


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